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Loop Nicotine Pouches

Loop is a nicotine-pouch factory based in Sweden. Though new on the market, they are known for their top-quality nicotine pouches. Their products come in the most environmentally friendly way, which makes them some of the best cigarette alternatives on the market. Their products are made from 50% plant-based ingredients and 50% recycled plastic. They […]

How to choose the right nicotine pouch brand

This is a guide on how to choose the nicotine pouch brand that would be right for you. If you’re interested in nicotine pouches or if you are a smoker who is willing to give up normal cigarettes then this is a very useful guide for you. In this guide, we will talk about what’s […]

Qvitt Snus

If you are looking to bring down your nicotine intake, then Qvitt might be right up your street. This is a substance that is used by individuals who might want to either reduce their nicotine intake or get rid of it permanently. From this product, you will still get a tobacco flavour, along with green […]

All There Is To Know About Pose Nicotine Pouches

Before being branded carcinogenic, tobacco smoking was a norm in many countries across the globe. Before the 90s, smokers could do their thing anywhere, including airports and in aeroplanes without the fear of brushing shoulders with the law. Tobacco companies around the world made money faster than they could count it. Unfortunately, things took an […]

Zyn Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches is a tobacco-free nicotine substitute that offers the same amazing feeling as tobacco but without the hazards that comes with it. You can simply put the pouch under your lips and use it anywhere you are. Zyn nicotine pouch was introduced into the market in 2016 by a Swedish company called Swedish Match. […]

Zero Tobacco and Maximum Satisfaction with Velo Brand

Velo is a product that offers nicotine and tobacco smokers a convenient and exciting taste experience. The white oral nicotine pouch is a great alternative for the consumption of nicotine on the go. It can be used with discretion, as the user has to place the product under the lip and the nicotine will be […]

White Fox Nicotine Pouches

With the population moving towards a healthier and cleaner way of living, a lot of people are moving away from the conventional cigarette. People are moving to more discreet ways of smoking such as vaping, e-cigarettes, snus and even chewing tobacco. White Fox is a chewing tobacco that can be bought in a small tin. […]

Skruf – the popular nicotine pouches brand

Jonas Engwall, Adam Gilberg, and Moe Unz together founded the Skruf snus brand in 2001 in Sweden. The company was established in 2002 and successfully launched its first products the year 2003. In 2004, the brand was launched in Norway following its quick proof as a successful brand. During the same year, the annual production […]

Shiro Nicotine Pouches and History of the Brand

Shiro is a Japanese word meaning white and that is how the brand named their nicotine pouches. The brand was launched in 1989 in Sunagawa, Hokkaido, Japan. It has been slowly picking up the pace and moving beyond Japan to other parts of the world, like the UK. The brand has been famous for its […]

The Modern Tobacco Free Nicotine Brand Line

The brand Rogue was first introduced in 2018 by NicoGen. It came as an alternative product for tobacco users. The brand bridges the gap between traditional tobacco products like loose snus and allows its users to enjoy a nicotine experience. Although it does not offer perfect aid for smokers, it is the best substitute for […]