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Brands | Nicotine Pouches - Part 2

Why you Should Try Revel Nicotine Pouches

How’s your previous experience with tobacco? If you’re a smoker, you have every reason to be happy with the introduction of nicotine pouches to the market. For newbies, nicotine pouches are smokeless parcels that are tobacco-free. The pouches are white, small, and discreet, offering you the ultimate opportunity to enjoy the pleasure anywhere as you’re […]

The Tobacco and Nicotine Free Onico Snus

Onico is a product catering to health-conscious smokers. To make this happen, the manufacturers have kept the addictives at the lowest levels. Depending on the flavour you want for the snus product, a plant-blend material is used. Snus uses real food flavours. To enhance safety and trust to the consumers, all flavours have been approved […]

On! Nicotine Pouches – All You Need to Know

Due to lifestyle changes, companies have been forced to diversify and come up with environmental-friendly yet health-conscious products. This has led to the introduction of nicotine pouches to the market. Nicotine pouches are moist powder substances that are designed to fit under the user’s upper lip. The pouches deliver stimulation like that of cigarettes, but […]

Nordic Spirit and Nicotine Flavours

Nordic Spirit produces products of nicotine which are tobacco-free containing various flavours. Nicotine is a stimulant and potent parasympathetic alkaloid that is naturally produced in the nightshade family of plants. The drug nicotine is used all over the world by various people to stimulate their bodies as they go on with their day to day […]

NIXS Nicotine Pouches Overview

The demand for tobacco-free products is growing, and many people are getting advice from their doctors and colleagues to quit smoking. While smoking in itself is a luxury for many, it costs people lives and relationships. NIXS nicotine pouches have been designed to end such issues for tobacco users. They no longer need to fill […]

Have you tried Lyft yet?

Are you looking for the best brand that will leave no colour on your teeth? Are you in need of a fresh-made product? If yes, then you are on the right track. Lyft is one of the brands that is made to be fresh for you. It is white in colour, hence will have no […]

Kickup brand and the history behind it

Kickup is a Swedish company and brand that utilizes healthier alternatives and ingredients to make nicotine and health pouches meant to provide energy to people. It was originally founded by Winnington, the company behind EPOK and LYFT. Running with their slogan, “When you want a little more out of life!”, the brand has for a […]

Dryft Nicotine Pouches – Benefits and How to Use Them

Dryft Nicotine pouches are tobacco-free nicotine substitutes that you put under your lip instead of smoking. The pouches are white, don’t stain teeth, and are discreet. Made with natural fibres, fresh flavours, chew base filler, and nicotine, these pouches can deliver a strong nicotine punch without exposing you to the harmful effects of smoking. These […]

Ace Nicotine Pouches

The demand for tobacco-free products is increasing in the market and all over the world. For that reason, Ace has come up with a tobacco-free product called nicotine pouches. The pouches contain nicotine which gives the users almost the same experience as tobacco. The demand for the product has pushed the company to produce different […]