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Ace Nicotine Pouches

The demand for tobacco-free products is increasing in the market and all over the world. For that reason, Ace has come up with a tobacco-free product called nicotine pouches. The pouches contain nicotine which gives the users almost the same experience as tobacco. The demand for the product has pushed the company to produce different types of flavours of the product. The product is made with transparency and sincerity to ensure that the user gets a long-lasting nicotine flavour that does not affect his/her teeth like the ordinary tobacco. Besides that, the prices of the product are considerably lower.

Flavors and History of Ace Nicotine Pouches

Ace has many flavours for the nicotine pouches. There five including Ace Superwhite Extremely Cool Strong, Liquorice Slim Strong, Mint Slim Strong, Eucalyptus and Citrus Mint Slim Strong. All the favours’ prices for the Ace nicotine pouches are similar in many stores. For example, in the UK, the products sell at less than six pounds. In the early 21st century, most of the world saw the devastating effects of tobacco and decided to make something that could give people the same feeling and little to no side effects, and that is how nicotine pouches, or so-called snus, came about in the market.

Using the Product and the Side Effects

There are a few steps on using the product and gaining the desired effects. First, one must squeeze the box to get it out. The pouch should be removed from the box and placed under the lip. The pouch should remain in place for up to 60 minutes. While indulging and enjoying the product, one can continue with other errands without affecting anyone’s environment. Despite the flavours and no tobacco, excess consumption of the product could lead to nausea or a heightened heartbeat. First-time users might get a slight burning sensation under the lip, which will automatically fade away.