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Have you tried Lyft yet?

Are you looking for the best brand that will leave no colour on your teeth? Are you in need of a fresh-made product? If yes, then you are on the right track. Lyft is one of the brands that is made to be fresh for you. It is white in colour, hence will have no impact on your teeth and people will never know that you have used it. It is a brand that usually extracts the nicotine from tobacco. You are guaranteed that when you consume this brand, it has no side effect as you would have if you had taken tobacco direct.

How is Lyft pouches made?

Lyft, being a tobacco-free brand, is made of several ingredients that are fresh. The first step to make the pouch is to extract nicotine from tobacco. The next step is to put it in the pouches depending on the size, add tree fibres in the pouch, and mix it appropriately. Add water and aromas to the mix allowing all the ingredients to be intact. This ready-made Lyft nicotine pouches will have the same taste as the EPOK nicotine pouches you might be used to, with the only difference being that they do not have any unhealthy for you tobacco inside.

What are the tasty flavours that Lyft comes in?

Lyft nicotine pouches come in several tasty flavours. Some of the flavours that are on offer are blueberry, lime, ice cool, and mint – pretty much the same range as the previous EPOK version used to offer, but now without the tobacco. With all these flavours, the customer is guaranteed a long-lasting taste experience. Lyft, thanks to its strong and long-lasting flavours has quickly become one of customers’ favourite. The nicotine pouch from the brand offers a great nicotine kick that is completely tobacco-free, guaranteeing the user a healthier experience without all the dangerous ingredients and the risks regular tobacco poses.