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How to use Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches have become quite popular in the world and they are gradually becoming a major alternative to smoking. However, before you can to try it out, you might want to first learn how to use nicotine pouches. The good thing is that using nicotine pouches is quite easy, especially if you are familiar with other tobacco products. Although it is different from chewing tobacco, you have to put the nicotine pouch inside your mouth so that the content of the pouch can circulate. If you want to find out more about how you can use nicotine pouches, continue to read this article.

Inserting the Pouche

To use a nicotine pouch is quite easy and straightforward. First, pinch your upper lip with your thumb and index finger. After that, place the pouch where it feels the most comfortable and then, release your lips. Aside from that, put the pouch on your tongue and then, slide it under your upper lip and leave it where it feels the most comfortable for you. Place the nicotine pouch in the middle or on either side of your upper lip. The aim is to make sure that you are comfortable and the content of the pouch is easily absorbed.


Getting the effects

Once the nicotine is in your mouth, you need to wait for the flavour to circulate all over your mouth. In addition to that, you can also chew on the pouch gently to release extra flavours into your mouth. The effect of each pouch varies, depending on the strength of the content and your tolerance level. It is possible to keep the pouch in your mouth from 20 minutes up to an hour. Once you are not enjoying the flavour any more, you can dispose of the pouch. Despite having no side effects, do not swallow the pouch when you are finished.