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Kickup brand and the history behind it

Kickup is a Swedish company and brand that utilizes healthier alternatives and ingredients to make nicotine and health pouches meant to provide energy to people. It was originally founded by Winnington, the company behind EPOK and LYFT. Running with their slogan, “When you want a little more out of life!”, the brand has for a long time churned products that are small, compact, and perfect for people with active lifestyles. The brand is poised to expand its consumer market after it was recently bought by the British American Tobacco, which is inarguably the second-largest tobacco manufacturer in the world.

Kickup nicotine pouches

Kickup nicotine pouches are a good alternative to tobacco free-nicotine consumption and very much convenient compared to other traditional ways of taking in nicotine. For anyone who has tried them, the sense of taste turns out to be familiar just like the old style and way of taking in these substances. Because they are substitutes of nicotine and tobacco, they include flavour elements and ingredients that will definitely give one an invigorating pleasure as they are absorbed through the gums. The pouches are proving to be the most authentic and comfortable to use and are actually of benefit to consumers.

Available flavors from Kickup

Kickup has a variety of flavours in their line up. Real White pouch has a distinct taste of liquorice​ and bergamot while Real White Soft Mint Slim pouch has a distinct taste of mint. Another flavour is KickUp Soft Mint which contains vitamins and minerals like Ginseng, BIO X20, and Antioxidants. KickUp Strong is another product that has a rich taste of pepper and bergamot and contains substances which would provide an energy kick. Lastly, Real White Original portion is made from cellulose. It has a taste of orange, bergamot and liquorice that combine in a fully, well balanced sweet flavour.