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New Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches are white pouches that are pre-portioned and are free from tobacco stem, leaf, or dust. The pouches are smokeless. These products are gaining popularity worldwide and quickly replacing other products, such as cigarettes, that are meant for smoking. Pouches are now being referred to as “modern oral” products due to their method of intake. There are different emerging brands of pouches that freely advertise their products on media platforms, thus resulting in a higher awareness of their existence in society, unlike tobacco products, whose advertisement is limited. Examples of the new nicotine pouches brands are Zyn, Velo, and On!, among others.

Researching New Nicotine Pouches

There’s a rapid growth in both production and consumption of nicotine pouches. Its annual growth rate is estimated at 53.8% with a global market of $619.9 million. This growth comes with the fact that pouches reduce the harm brought about by inhaling smoke when smoking. For example, Sweden is known for having the lowest smoking rate, with only 9% of men and 11% of women using cigarettes due to the availability of pouches such as Zyn and other brands. The rate at which nicotine pouches are taking the place of traditional snus is very high. Leading tobacco companies such as Altria have integrated nicotine pouches into their production chain.

Picking New Pouches

To pick from the different brands of nicotine pouches, one is required to know his or her preference. For example the new On! pouch has 7 different flavors such as berry, citrus, and coffee among others. With it also comes 5 different strengths. A consumer has to know the level of nicotine content he is looking for. For several nicotine products, the nicotine content varies from 2mg and 5 mg per gram. Pablo, which is a new brand of nicotine pouch, is now considered the strongest nicotine pouch in the market with a high nicotine content of 50 milligrams per gram.

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