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Nordic Spirit and Nicotine Flavours

Nordic Spirit produces products of nicotine which are tobacco-free containing various flavours. Nicotine is a stimulant and potent parasympathetic alkaloid that is naturally produced in the nightshade family of plants. The drug nicotine is used all over the world by various people to stimulate their bodies as they go on with their day to day activities. This nicotine is often placed under the lower lip which causes one to feel a tingling sensation in the mouth. This usually lasts longer than the average tobacco product. The company has made considerable success in the market as they are able to ship their products all over when an order is placed.


Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches most popular flavour is Mint. The flavour produces a cool lingering effect once placed under the lower lips. The best mint is used when dry though fresh mint leaves have more flavour. Mint mixed with nicotine is used to come up with one of the best feelings for those who generally use nicotine as a drug of choice. Wild Berry flavour is refreshing with their sweet and sour tastes and they make the perfect ingredients for nicotine. Spearmint Intense flavour is a delicious, minty herb that has beneficial effects on the user’s health. It helps balance hormones, lower blood sugar, and improve digestion.

History of the Nordic Spirit company

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are made in Sweden, in their factory Vårgårda Kvarn. The product has since gained favour among the smokers and vapourers who are looking for an alternative, tobacco-free nicotine. It is loved by its users since its high lasts longer than the average tobacco products, making it an ideal drug for people to use with their friends over leisure time. It is ideal for people working long hours at the office and offers a relaxing experience. The demand for the product has increased significantly due to the high quality of their nicotine products which meet customers desire.