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Qvitt Snus

If you are looking to bring down your nicotine intake, then Qvitt might be right up your street. This is a substance that is used by individuals who might want to either reduce their nicotine intake or get rid of it permanently. From this product, you will still get a tobacco flavour, along with green tea, ginseng, and mild hints of citrus, but without any actual nicotine or tobacco. This product is available online or over the counter in countries like Sweden. If you want to learn more about the Qvitt-brand and the snus offered, we got you covered.

About Qvitt

Qvitt is a snus brand offering nicotine pouches as a healthier alternative to smoking or regular snus with tobacco. Qvitt nicotine pouches are nicotine-free without any tobacco or nicotine. The snus is produced by the Swedish brand Gotlandssnus, who focus on high quality and good ingredients. Gotlandssnus are also the producers of another popular snus brands called Jakobsson’s. While Jakobsson’s can come with both nicotine and tobacco, Qvitt is without both and therefore a good option for anyone looking to quit smoking or snus all together. The product still has a snus-like taste and feeling even without the nicotine.

Flavours and Pouches available from Qvitt

All Qvitt pouches come without nicotine and tobacco, but there are a few variations available. The four Qvitt products available are Qvitt Wild Mint, Qvitt Original, Qvitt Salmiak and Qvitt Salmiak Mini. The names describe the flavour of the pouches, with original having a taste with notes of citrus and bergamot. The Salmiak pouches have a distinct flavour of salmiak and anis. No matter which product you prefer, this is a simple and cooling option for anyone looking to quit or decrease their nicotine intake. Thanks to Panax Ginseng, green tea and fluorine, Qvitt pouches enhance concentration while improving oral hygiene.