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Shiro Nicotine Pouches and History of the Brand

Shiro is a Japanese word meaning white and that is how the brand named their nicotine pouches. The brand was launched in 1989 in Sunagawa, Hokkaido, Japan. It has been slowly picking up the pace and moving beyond Japan to other parts of the world, like the UK. The brand has been famous for its skincare and home care products. However, it has also set its eye on the growing demand for stimulants across the world and that is the reason it has been selling the nicotine pouches. The brand is all about making the world happier and it is doing it through various products, including the nicotine pouches.

Flavours and Benefits

Shiro nicotine pouches are all white and they are also tobacco-free. They are made from plant fibre and contain some amount of nicotine extract that is extracted from a tobacco plant. Shiro manufactures to best flavours of the products which are Shiro Cool Mint Strong and also Shiro Sweet Mint which are loved significantly by users all over the UK. They come in two dimensions allowing the user to pick what works better-strong and normal. The products are sold at relatively lower prices in the UK, for about four pounds. The user can continue with other errands while using the product.

Product Description

Shiro makes four pouches that can be used by new users as well as those that have a long-standing experience with the pouches. Shiro Virginia Classic has 6mg which makes it fairly normal and it’s perfect for those that have used the pouches for a while. The cool mint slim strong contains 10mg of nicotine per every pouch and that gives the user a hint of menthol and spearmint. The last pouch is the true north which has 12 mg of nicotine and it is the strongest nicotine pouch available in the range of products from the Japanese brand Shiro.