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Skruf – the popular nicotine pouches brand

Jonas Engwall, Adam Gilberg, and Moe Unz together founded the Skruf snus brand in 2001 in Sweden. The company was established in 2002 and successfully launched its first products the year 2003. In 2004, the brand was launched in Norway following its quick proof as a successful brand. During the same year, the annual production target was 1.9 million cans. ITG is the current owner of the company after it acquired 56.5% shares in 2008. The brand’s high-quality formats and flavours are sought after by its customers. By using various innovative strategies in its first markets, Sweden and Norway, the company has now grown into a very successful brand.

Skruf products

Skruf rebranded its packaging in 2011 and launched organic products in 2012. The majority of smokers globally are switching to less harmful alternatives. Products supplied by the company include Skruf Original lös and portion, stark portion, and stark white. Snus smokeless tobacco delivered orally is produced through pasteurization. Increasing tobacco regulation and ever-changing customer demands have prompted further snus innovation. Preportioned pouches introduced in the 1970s significantly transformed the market. Skruf nicotine pouches don’t present a risk of oral or other head cancers because they do not involve combustion. They are safer than cigarettes and can easily be used on the go.

Skruf nicotine pouches

Skruf Super White Slim Fresh is a blend of fresh mint and menthol that is easily enjoyable anywhere and anytime. To discreetly and better fit under the lip, they are presented as extra slim portions. Skruf Super White is made up of plant fibre and nicotine and does not contain tobacco. This type tastes of spearmint and is in a slim dry shaped pouch. Skruf Super White Slim classic nicotine portion is tobacco-free and has a taste of blackcurrant. Skruf Super White contains plant fibre and added nicotine. These products drip minimally, ensuring the flavour and nicotine kicks last longer and won’t stain your teeth.