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The Tobacco and Nicotine Free Onico Snus

Onico is a product catering to health-conscious smokers. To make this happen, the manufacturers have kept the addictives at the lowest levels. Depending on the flavour you want for the snus product, a plant-blend material is used. Snus uses real food flavours. To enhance safety and trust to the consumers, all flavours have been approved for food use. If you are wondering whether this snus contains sugars, yes, you are right. However, the sugars occur naturally in the plant from which the product is derived. This product is perfect if you want to quit tobacco since it imitates the perfect tobacco taste but has no tobacco content.

Onico Snus Top Flavors

Onico snus has different flavours, each with a distinct blend of fibres. The unique aspect of this product is that it imitates the tobacco snus but has no tobacco. Tobacco lovers will thus enjoy their snus experience. Onico Original White Port is one of their main products. It contains flavours of bergamot and citrus, which are common in conventional snus. The flavours produce a mellow version of the real tobacco flavour. Onico nicotine pouches have no tobacco. You place the tobacco-free snus between the upper lip and the gum, where the nicotine taste is released. Onico has therefore been made for those who wish to end the habit.

Why Onico Was Launched

There are so many nicotine and tobacco users who desire to kick the habit but the temptation of the nicotine is too much. This is why the Onico brand was launched. It took many years of research and development and finally the best under the lip experience was created. In 2008, a soft and flavoured balance of the pouch was found. The Onico brand was then launched and various nicotine pouches have since then been released. Vegetable fibres are used in Onico flavours, giving familiar and perfect snus like experience. Traditional tobacco and peppermint are some of the common flavours.